XTR M9000 Grip Ring


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UNITE’s new Grip rings offer excellent chain retention, great mud clearance and longevity with a very high quality finish. Grip rings are CNC machined from 7075 aluminum one of the hardest grades of aluminum available, they are then hard anodised to create an even tougher and durable finish.

A large amount of wear occurs on the front face of chainrings due to the extreme chain line caused by 1x set ups, the extra wide alternating tooth profile improves both durability and retention for a longer period. As chains begin to stretch they start to bind in certain places damaging the chain and ring; Grip rings have specially machined recesses help to prevent this damage increasing the longevity of the chainring and chain.

The rear face carries very little of the wear from the chainring and so has been heavily recessed to clear mud in some of the worst conditons. Grip rings utilise a stiff and light design that is efficient and offers excellent protection from rock strikes.

The stock tabs from the XTR cranks are removed and replaced with specially designed chainring bolts saving an extra 35g over a stock set up. 
  • Includes M9 Chainring bolts that remove the standard shimano tabs saving 35g
  • Narrow/wide chain profile prevents chain drop
  • Wide tooth profile for extra retention
  • Recessed for improved mud clearance and improved chain ring life
  • CNC machined from hard wearing 7075-T6 Aluminum 
  • Hard anodized for increased durability
  • Available sizes: 30T, 32T, 34T, 36T
  • Compatible with Shimano M9000/M9020 XTR armsets
  • Weight: 30T-40g 32T-42g 34T-52g 36T-60g


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